Frequently Asked Questions

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ATM Machine

  • Located just outside the Pub area by the elevator.

Broken or Lost Cards

  • Broken Cards

    Individual Members: Send the broken card to us and we will send you back a new, working card.
    Family Members: Send us the broken card PLUS your spouse’s working card. Once we know which one to replace, we will send both back to you.

    Lost Cards

    Individual Members: Send us a check for $10.00 (made payable to GAC) to cover the cost of the card replacement. Family Members: Send us a check for $10.00 (made payable to GAC) along with your spouse’s card (so we know which card to replace). We will make you a new card and send both back to you.

Dining & Pub

  • The Gaelic-American Club serves food in both the Main Dining Room and rear of Carolan Room as well as the Pub.  While the GAC does not take reservations, there is a hostess on duty for seating members in the Main Dining Room and rear of Carolan Room during busy periods.  Please allow for the hostess and or wait staff to seat and configure tables to meet your party’s needs. Dining Hours.

    Seating in the Pub or at the Bar is first come first serve.

    All beverages are self service and since the GAC does not have cocktail waiters/waitresses we ask that you return your empty glasses back to the bar.

Fenced Rear Lawn

  • The rear lawn area is open for all members to enjoy during club hours. You may take beverages outside, but please remember to bring the empties back to the bar.


  • Guests must be signed as required by state law and the guestbook can be found on the desk in the main lobby. Members may sign in a maximum of 4 guests at one time.


  • All library materials for both reading and research can be signed out only by members. Please no food or drink in the library.


  • The circular drive at the main entrance is for drop-offs and pickups.  While they GAC has ample parking, you can park in our neighbor’s parking lots when not in use (Abraham L. Green & Son Funeral Home and Fairfield First Congregational United Church of Christ) they only ask that you respect their property.

Pool Room

  • Pool table is for members’ enjoyment; you can obtain the door’s key from a bartender and please follow the room’s rules.