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Pub Hours

Lunch Hours

Dinner Hours

Sunday 12 Noon-12 Midnight 12 Noon-8pm 5pm-8pm
Monday 7pm-Midnight Closed Closed
Tuesday 7pm-Midnight Closed Closed
Wednesday 5pm-Midnight Closed 5pm-9pm
Thursday 5pm-Midnight Closed 5pm-9pm
Friday 4pm-2am Closed 5pm-10pm
Saturday 12 Noon-2am 12 Noon-3pm 5pm-10pm

Gold GAC Gift Cards are now available!

Please inquire at the Bar if you are interested in purchasing one.

The Carolan Room is available for rent to GAC members. All rentals are arranged by contacting the manager at (203) 254-0673.

The Carolan Room can be rented in the following configurations:

Configuration “C” – The small dining room only.
Configuration “A” – The entire Carolan Room.
Configuration “B” – The Front Carolan Room only. (This includes the stage and dance floor)